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I became a LMT/CMT with an degree  in Occupational Science in 2013. Owner of Śānti Mind & Body Therapeutics llc since 2015.

 After working in corporate settings, I found that I was not content with its limiting structure, so I decided to take a leap and start my own practice. Being in business for myself has given me a sense of liberation, allowing me the independence and freedom to broaden my practice without restraints.

Becoming a Therapist wasn't my first career choice, however it has been one of the most gratifying decision I have made for myself. The many benefits of massage never ceases to amaze me, and it brings a sense of joy learning that through touch, I can provide relief and a healing comfort for others.

I feel and believe this is the path for me and hope to have longevity in my career by continuing to learn, grow, and share what I attain in the process.

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